Thursday, August 26, 2010

Can Evolution & Christianity - - Co-exist?

Dr. Albert Mohler recently responded to an article written by Professor Giberson at the liberal-leaning website "The Huffington Post". Dr. Mohler's response was to clarify some of the accusations and attacks made against him by Professor Giberson. He did a very good job of not only articulating his points but also keeping a Christlike attitude even when many of the attacks made against him by Professor Giberson were less than "grown up."

Here is my favorite part of Dr. Mohler's response to Professor Giberson:

"If your intention in Saving Darwin is to show “how to be a Christian and believe in evolution,” what you have actually succeeded in doing is to show how much doctrine Christianity has to surrender in order to accommodate itself to evolution. In doing this, you and your colleagues at BioLogos are actually doing us all a great service. You are showing us what the acceptance of evolution actually costs, in terms of theological concessions."

Like it or not, this is the truth. If Christians (for whatever reason) attempt to mesh Biblical Christianity with evolution, much of their (Biblical) Christian doctrine must be surrendered as well in order to accomplish this. I for one am not willing to make that 'leap of faith'. Call me old fashioned, ignorant or illogical if you must, but I believe in a literal interpretation of the scripture and I'm more than happy to stake my life (and eternity) on it.

Read the Article & Response [HERE]


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