Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Honoring God Through Secular Music & Movies

Here is a great video by John Piper. It’s his response to the question, can Christian’s glorify God while watching secular movies…

I know that in my own life this is a struggle. I tend to fall on the side of watching the movies and then trying to find reason to justify watching them. If we know that the Bible calls us to do all things unto the glory of Christ, then we must be aware that some of our choices of music and movies may fall into the category of “sinful”.

One of the hardest struggles that we will face as Christians is trying to find the balance between being ‘in the world’, but not of the world. We are set apart with a mission. We are supposed to reflect God, and all of his attributes, in the way we live, talk, and act. If our actions or choices are saying something different, then we may need to evaluate if we are truly living a God-honoring and Christ-exulting life.

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