Friday, September 24, 2010

Jesus or Football?

It's easy to laugh at a subject like that because we think the answer is so obvious.  Of course we treasure Jesus over football, right?  But the point should not be lost.  The truth is many of us are guilty, everyday, of giving our highest affections to something other than God.  And the reality is friends, that this is a very dangerous thing.

The world has many different things to entice and pull us away from spending time on things with eternal significance.  The issue is not that those things exist or even that they are wrong in and of themselves.  The real issue is that our treasure should be Christ.  Everything we have and admire in this world should in some way, shape or form point us to the Glory of God.  Is it wrong like football?  No, but we need to find a way to love football in such a way that it shows the world that we don't simply love football, but Christ.

The challenge to Christians is to be different than the world.  The world takes something like football, TV shows, shopping, and other material things and uses them to replace the spot which God should hold in their lives.  Christians should not be guilty of this sinful practice.

So, again I ask you...Jesus or Football?

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