Friday, February 18, 2011

Good Doctrine is not the same thing as Christian Action

Which situation would be worse; “a church with terrible teaching and therefore very little Christian action in their community, or a church with wonderful biblical teaching and yet very little Christian action.” | Francis Chan

One might, at first, assume that it would be the first church because their doctrine and their action in the community around them were terrible.  But Francis Chan does something "sneaky" and points us to Jesus’ words in Matthew 11:21-24 and we start to see a very different picture being painted.

The point that Francis is trying to make is actually fairly simple.  “To those whom much has been given [by God], much more will be required” (Luke 12:48).

We are blessed as a church to be under the wonderful biblical teaching of Pastor Josh.  We are blessed to have leaders who seek God’s will for their ministries and make efforts to lead them in biblical and Christ-exulting ways.  But is this enough?  What is our role as a congregation and as a church body?  How much “Christianity” is enough for our lives?  How much should we be willing to surrender to God in an effort to bring people back into fellowship with him?

There may not be a solid answer for this, but I think what we can gather from the verses in Matthew and Luke is that we should never be satisfied with what happens inside our church building on Sunday mornings.  We are ambassadors for Christ every waking moment of our lives.  Whether we’re at work, at home, at a restaurant with family or friends…every moment is an opportunity for us to make an eternal impact on someone’s life, and we need to be aware of this truth, along with the truth that as God gives to us more and more as a church…more will be expected from us as well.

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