Monday, August 16, 2010

Fire and the Trininty:

If you are like me, then one of the hardest things for you to grasp is the concept of the Trinity. The thought of there being only one God, and yet him having (3) distinct persons is heavy! It is something that can honestly get my head spinning. I've heard several analogies that have tried to "dumb this down" for me so I can comprehend it, but none of them do justice to the truth and greatness to the nature of the Trinity. However, I believe these analogies, although lacking in some areas, can help with our faith. I recently heard an analogy that was pretty interesting. It was simple enough to grasp and it helps with some of the issues I have regarding the Trinity. It is obviously an over simplification, so it has some holes, but it still helps paint a "thought provoking" idea of the Trinity and how God can exist as one and yet three.

We can say with confidence that wherever there is fire, there is also heat and light.
You strike match and you have fire, but at the same time you have heat and light.

We don't say that the heat or the light caused the fire. We say, the fire caused the heat and the light, but at no time do any of these (3) things (fire, heat or light) exist independently of one another.

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